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  Elance Furniture Co.,Ltd
No.168 Fenhe Road, Dongying,Shandong 257091 China
Richard Millions
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We are looking for agent from the worldwide, please contact us to become our agent in the following countries and areas:
Sweden, Denmark, U.S.A. , South Africa, South Asia, Russia, Brazil.
France, Spain, Portugal, Poland.


Before you send E-mail to us, if you want to buy it, please send us E-mail and note the models and quantity and your company name, delivery address, nearest seaport information. We will make formal quotation and send invoice to you for the payment.

Notes :(when you send email to us, please remember these notes, then it will work more efficiently)

1. please leave your e-mail address and the detailed models ,quantity you are interested in?
2. which country are you from?(let us know the country). what is your address, telphone or fax. (We keep confidential for clients' privacy.)
3. pelase send your requirements to us, it is better with the models you need.
4. it's better for you to send email to us in your detailed company information or private address, we keep confidential for all your private information.

You will be replied immediately if you send more details to us for to understand well what you need.

If you have a technical question, please e-mail us, we don't have technical support through phones for now.

We don't quote/take orders through phones, please email, fax, or e-mail the order details with your name, physical address and postal code and phone number.

Telephone: Due to the excessive number of phone calls, please contact us by e-mail. (along with your information).
Please advise us if your need is :
1) Immediate
2) In the next 3 months
3) in the next 3 to 12 months
or 4) Budgetary or 1 year or more in the future
This will allow us to serve the customers with an immediate need for equipment immediately.

If you need parts, please e-mail us with the part number, manufacturer name, brand name, engine model, serial number, and shipping destination to get a quote, we can't quote through phone. If you don't have the part number, please e-mail us the photos of the defective part, engine tag, machine tag.

We recommend you to use e-mail for order tracking.

Calls without caller ID will be blocked by our phone system, sorry for any inconvenience.

Contact us NOW.

How to arrive us?


By airplane:

1 Airplane:
From Beijing Capital Airport to Dongying Airport
7:10am to 8:10am (1 hour.) (Everyday)
From Dongying Airport to Beijing Capital Airport
8:50am to 9:45am (1 hour.) (Everyday)

From Shanghai Pudong Airport to Dongying airport
7:45am to 9:30am
From Dongying Airport to Shanghai Pudong Airport
10:15am to 11:55am.
We will pick you up from Dongying Airport, our factory are 10km from Dongying Airport.

2 Bus:
From Jinan City to Dongying, Every 30 minutes.
From Beijing City to Dongying City, Every 2 Hour.
We will pick you up from Dongying General Bus Station.

3 Train:
From Jinan Train Station to Dongying Train Station. (Slow Train)
From Nanjing Train Station to Dongying Train Station.(Slow Train)

If you want to visit our factory, please tell us the exact time you will arrive at Dongying.We will make the hotel reservation for you.
1. Dongcheng Xiwenhua Hotel (Add: Cross Road of Liaohelu & Dong3 Road, Dongying)
2.Dongcheng Blue Horizon Hotel. (4 stars hotel, Add:Fuqian Road, Dongying)

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